Paulo Nagamura is gone from Toronto FC.
In the four games he didn’t look very good. It was strange to see a Brazilian guy not be able to play soccer. It was as if you had a 7 foot 6 American guy who couldn’t play basketball. (Wait, there was one named Shawn Bradley)
It turned out, via the grapevine, that Nagamura didn’t want to be in Toronto.
In that case, double good.
Nagamura joins a list of guys who didn’t/don’t want to be in Toronto to play for the FC.
You know what? As a fan, I don’t want them here either.
There are guys you can see who give it their all out there – Alecko Eskandarian for example.
They want to play in Toronto. They’re going to help this franchise grow into the best one MLS has ever seen.
If you don’t want to play, get out.
I know it’s tough with the import rules to move every player may not want to play for your franchise, but the sooner they’re gone the better.
The guy we traded Nagamura for didn’t want to play for Toronto FC. It turns out he didnt’ want to play MLS. No worries. Take the draft pick – it will be much better than Paulo ever was.
(Let’s begin a season long experiment to see if the draft can be good for your team. Keep your eyes on Maurice Edu and we’ll talk how he turns out.)