What has happened is i’ve been trying to write using a mac OS 9 computer – it hasn’t really been working out.
(Hence no updates for like a month.)

These are Blue Jay stats from the last twoonie tuesday game versus the Bosox in april.
The fact that boston is back playing the jays again (now it’s may) show’s you how long my OS 9 has been blocking me from using wordpress.

As a sidenote, i’ve switched the browser to iCab. It was recommended by the Mozilla people. Okay, here’s the old stats. (feel free to stop reading now)

Here are stats from last night’s Jays game.

The Jays beat the Bosox 2-1.

Player who ran the most during Boston’s batting practice: Daisuke Matusaka

Player who hit the hardest during BP:  Willy Mo Pena

Player who showed the least range in the outfield during the game:  Willy Mo Pena

Number of fans in total who got to see Daisuke, but probably came just because it was twoonie Tuesday: 17,456