The same day that over 20,000 fans and I took in Toronto FCs second game at BMO Field, just north of the city another team was playing its first game of the season.

Until this year, the Toronto Lynx were the highest level of professional soccer in the city.

Now they’ve moved the team down to the professional development level.

To be fair, i haven’t been to a Lynx game in a couple of years. We went quite often in the late 90s and early 2000s – but stopped after the team moved up to Centennial Stadium.

There were die hard lynx fans too, you know. A ton of the guys who make up the supporter’s section at BMO are former lynx fans. They’ve changed their shirts from yellow to red and white, but many of the songs are the same, albeit instead of lynx the chant is now “TFC”.

Anyhow, this isn’t an article to lament the loss of the Lynx. they had their problems with the field and such. It’s going to be an interesting study some day to look at why the Lynx weren’t successful and the TFC is.

I did feel bad, however, to see that the lynx only got 365 people out to their home opener. I can’t help but wonder what the people who poured so much money into the Lynx think of this turn of events – where pro-soccer has such momentum in the city this year, while year after year the lynx had trouble getting people to come out to games.

i’m not holding against the hard-core lynx fans who now make up the hard-core TFC fans – they backed the team. as did i at one point.