Qu’est-ce que vous chantez? 

Nous chantons les Rouges allez. 

Red tried, but all the borrowed TFC chants in the world didn’t stop “White Noise” yesterday at BMO Field in Toronto.

The whites defeated the Reds (Come-on you reds) 5-3 in the inaugural NXNE Cup played in front of 57 (what I imagined to be screaming) fans.
The game, which featured a white team of musicians and members of the music industry taking on the red team of media and ringers, was hard fought from whistle to whistle – the latter whistle being the steam variety that was served ice cold on the BMO Field patio after the match.
Andy Krsic opened the scoring for the reds with an early strike. After he scored he wowed the crowd with his pre-planned airplane celebration.
Reds goalie Mike “Dia” D’Abramo was a solid wall in the first half  frustrating the White strikers.

The reds looked in complete control of the game until a goal was called back offside. Instant replay (that was only available in the heads of the players sitting on the sideline) showed that the play was not offside and Arno Koolen had scored. But it didn’t matter – that call gave the team white the breathing room it needed to get back into the game.
At half-time the White Noise coach, Toronto FC’s #23, Miguel Cañizalez took his team aside and adjusted their 3-4-3 formation into a classic 4-4-2 with the optional diamond midfield.
The reds, coached by Toronto FC’s #6, Maurice “Mo” Edu, kept his team with the flat 4-4-2 that was successful for them in the first half.
The half-time change made the difference as White Noise staged a second-half comeback to put themselves ahead.
One of the goals was a penalty shot that goalie D’Abramo just missed with the tips of his fingers.
A series of late, dangerous attacks, by Team Red was repelled by the White Noise defenders, and “Les Blancs” held on to win the game 5-3.

Game Injury report:
– One pulled hamstring

– One massive Field Turf rug burn

– One (rumoured) attempted “twist-top” opening of a steam whistle.

Best advice from a coach:
When asked late in the second half what Team Red should do to get back in the game, Maurice Edu said “score.”