I wrote a long post last night about Canada’s Gold Cup game against the United States and how terrible the officiating was.

Then my computer crashed, and post was lost.

The words are gone, but the feeling remains.

Canada was simply ripped off. I’ve checked a number of sources, and by all accounts of the rules of the game of soccer, Canada’s Atiba Hutchinson was onside, and scored.

But the linesman called him offside.

You can read Jonathan Cubas’ account at grassrootsnorth.ca

Canada played really well.  The power  trio of Hutchinson, Julian De Guzman, and Dwayne Derosario are excellent in midfield.

Patrice Bernier had a good game. Marty Nash didn’t look too bad either.

Give this team a couple of years, when Jaime Peters joins, and we’ll be making World Cup finals as often as Canada is in the Canada Cup of hockey.