Canada lost 1-0 to Austria last night.

Teams are on to Canada.

What are they doing to stop the red and white? Covering Jaime Peters.

I only saw about 10 minutes of Canada’s game last night – i spent most of the night watching the Portgual – Mexico showdown in Toronto.

I did watch the last ten minutes (well, and injury time) of the Canadian game. By that point they were just hoping to get anything near the Austrian net.

Simeon Jackson had a glorious chance one on one with the Austrian keeper with a bouncing ball,  he made contact with it, tried to angle it around the keeper,  and he kicked it wide.
It was a speedy skilled move, but it didn’t connect. That play sort of summarized Canada’s tournament so far. Nothing has bounced their way, and they have had few chances, and have converted none of them into goals.

There’s one more game to go, against Congo. Canada is a long shot to make it to the second round, but there’s a chance.

Go out and win boys.