Last weekend I went to see the latest Bourne with L and after the movie we walked by the Much® empire and saw that Speaker’s Corner was shut down. I haven’t walked around Queen West in a while and so can’t say exactly when the death of Speaker’s Corner happened.

Throughout the 1990s Speaker’s Corner was an opportunity for drunk people to talk about nothing after they were out drinking in Toronto’s club district. Every Sunday night Speaker’s Corner, the tv show, would replay the best (or worst) of the people who went down to speak what was on their mind. I have a vague memory of someone in my high school getting “props” (a very 90s concept) for getting his face on the show.

And now it’s gone. At least no longer at Queen and John. And i can’t remember the last time i saw the show on television.

I think it was killed by Youtube. Now, instead of waiting for Sunday night to see if they made the Speaker’s Corner television show, people can post their drunk videos straight to Youtube.

The end of SC is not a bad thing – it’s an evolution. Where SC’s content was determined by editors at CityTV, YouTube’s content is determined by it users. Of course, i’m not 100% that SC is closed for good. But seriously, even if they reopen it at Queen and John the era of SC is over.