David Beckham has spent most of his time in a Los Angeles unifor sitting on the bench. That’s when he’s even worn the uniform and not sat on the bench in a suit. And that’s when he’s even bothered to show up on the bench at all.

His ankle still isn’t 100%. He has said on repeated occasions that air travel aggrevates his injury. So what is he going to do this week?

Fly back to England to take part in a friendly.

A friendly. Not a Euro qualifier, but a friendly. A friendly. A practice/tune-up/exhibition match.

Now it’s debatable whether or not he should head over if he was healthy for a friendly. But that he’s just getting over an injury that has nagged on and on since the Spanish league.

There a a number of key England players sitting out the friendly. Steven Gerrard, Sol Campbell, and Canadian Owen Hargreaves. Oh, but Beckham is heading back for it. He’s fit to play evidently.

Hey, if I’m Frank Yallop I’m not happy with this at all.

I don’t blame Beckham for wanting to play. There was much made after the last world cup about the end of his era on the English national side. I suppose he wants to stay in the fold – and turn down a number of invitations and you find yourself not invited to things. But really, is this the best move for someone who came to North America as damaged goods? Yes Real Madrid won the league, and Beckham helped with that. But what does he have to prove by going out with a wonky ankle in August for a friendly?