On Saturday Toronto FC lost 2-0 to Chivas.

I missed the game, but my seat was filled by a friend who had never gone to a TFC game. There were also over 20,000 people there watching the game.

The game took place during the Canadian National Exhibition. So that means that around the stadium there were thousands of people. Probably almost all of them also have never seen a TFC game.

What am I getting at?

After the TFC game there was also a TFC reserves game. Now, everyone who has a TFC ticket can stay for the reserve game. (The reserves are made up of the team’s substitute players and development players.)

While everyone who has a TFC ticket can stay and watch the reserve match, few do.

Now wouldn’t it be a great idea if the TFC — just for once — let people into the stadium to watch the reserve game for free? I’m thinking they should do this at the exhibition time. The could do it on a first come, first served, basis.

All you need to do is let everyone who already has a ticket, and wants to stay for the reserve match, to move to the seats they want to watch the game at. Then, TFC could eyeball how many open sections they have and let in that many fairgoers who’d like to see soccer in the new stadium. It would certainly be an exhibition.

Just an idea.