I haven’t been to a Blue Jays game in a while. It’s been so long that i’m not sure if i should just call them the “Blue Jays” or “Jays”. Actually it’s been since May.

The score: Last night P and I went to watch parts of the game. We left in the bottom of the 5th inning. Jays were down 6-1 to the Oakland Athletics at the time.

Worst reappearance: The team also had shortstop secondbaseman Russ Adams back in the lineup. He overthrew again. They should keep him in Syracuse. He’s no Johnny Mac.

Unofficial biggest cheer:In fact, John Mcdonald got some of the biggest cheers last night. It was rather quiet.

Atmosphere report:I forgot how quiet the dome is. At one point the only guy you could hear was the beer guy in the 100 level. One of the better moments during our short visit was when the wave went around the 500 level twice. I use the term “went around” rather loosely because the majority of the seats up there are empty. So in parts there are maybe 10 people keeping the wave alive – and when the wave reaches the end of the 500 level (which is really around the 1st base side) it catches up again over on the 3rd base side. Good on the people for trying to get the wave going.

From the It’s now called “Stalingrad” or “Istanbul” department:: There was a revisionist trivia question that asked “Who had the first home run in Roger’s Centre”. The answer was Fred McGriff. Actually the answer is wrong. When Fred McGriff got his home run the building was called Skydome – which many people still call it that.

The game also takes a long time to play. It’s nothing like the FC. But I’m not going to beat up on baseball – you know what you’re getting into when you go to a game.

Skydome: Closed or Open? The worst part was the dome was closed. Yes it was a cool August night – but it’s summer time. They were calling for rain, but there was no rain in sight. When the dome is closed on an August night (even a cool one) it takes the smell of an old track shoe. It sort of stinks in there. Air that sneaker out.