Watched an early morning sports show where they showed last night’s LA Galaxy highlights. Actually they showed the David Beckham highlight package.

We were treated to seeing his kick sail over the net. We saw how his (unidentified by the commentators) teammate missed connecting on a corner kick from Beckham. We saw another Beckham shot sail wide of the goal. We saw how David Beckham was hacked to the ground by a Chivas player and all the Galaxy ran to his defence.

They were also nice enough to show Kevin Harmse get headbutted by a Chivas player. (Harmse being the only other player identified on the pitch besides DB.)

They cut to the final score. 3-0 Chivas. Galaxy didn’t even score.

I’m not arguing that we should have seen a Chivas highlight package (I’m not a Chivas fan – I even skipped the Chivas TFC game last weekend to play in a Softball tournament.) — i’m just a little surprised that Beckham’s presence was the total sports story and the result of the game he played in was irrelevant.