I’m on a trip to England.

One of the things I’ve been looking forward to here is seeing soccer matches. Today my friend and I made a long trek into London from Swindon, then back out of London up to Watford to see Ipswich Town play Watford in, Watford.

Watford is best described as a neighbourhood. All I saw from the tube station were rowhouses. Vicarage Road Stadium, Watford’s home field, is just surrounded by houses.

I went to see my favourite player, Canadian defender Jason De Vos, and Canadian midfielder Jaime Peters. Both play for Ipswich.

At the end of the game (Ipswich lost 2-nil as the English would say) my friend and I wandered over to the fenced in area where the Ipswich bus was parked.  While we were waiting to speak with Jason and Jaime we met Sir Elton John, the chairman “for life” of Watford. He signed both of our match programs.

It was cool.  It really captured how neighbourhood-dy Watford is as a club. Elton walks out, signs a bunch of autographs, and gets into what i think was a Bentley – if i even have the car or the spelling of bentley correct i’m not sure – and drives off. It was cool.