I’ve spent way too much time waiting for transit. I’m not sure how it works – but in the winter time the surface vehicles are sporadic at best. That’s if they decide to come at all. I am resolved to start leaving earlier in the morning to get to transit, and to find alternate routes on the way home.

Motorists need to do their part too. In the last week i saw a mini-van parked on the side of the road, and because of the snowbank, had left themselves in the streetcar lane. There were two streetcars waiting behind this stupid minivan.

Don’t block street car lanes.

Last night, in an effort to get on a bus, some guy pushed onto a packed bus and his backpack kept knocking the automatic door opening handles, keeping the back doors open so the bus didn’t leave.


Okay, I’m sure there are thousands of transit complaints out there. From what i’ve seen so far this winter, i’d best most of them are a result of everyday stupidity on the part of the public rather than the work of our transit workers.