A lot is going to be said about Toronto FC’s season opener. It was great to see all the fan support (noteably the guys from work who made the drive down. I’m not regretting not going – but i’m sure it was a great time despite TFC losing the game.)

Jim Brennan continues to be the best player on the pitch for the TFC. As a defender, he took a number of shots, almost scored on the first corner of the game off a nice set-piece (that the Sportsnet announcers informed us was going to happen).

The good? Dichio made it into the game late. I look forward to also seeing what MF Kevin Harmse will do this year.

The bad? Samuel misses a penalty shot in the first half. He didn’t look good in the approach to the ball. In Blink, Malcolm Gladwell talks about a guy who could predict when a professional tennis player was about to double fault. Well, just the way that Samuel approached his PK made it look like he wasnt’ going to score. Sigh.

And did Carl Robinson even play the game? Mo Edu was there, making plays in the midfield. But didn’t see much of Robinson. Don’t get me wrong — if he was playing some sort of ‘holding’ midfield role (ala how Didi Hamann on Liverpool did a few years back so brilliantly, or how Paul Stalteri used to play that role for Canada during the Holger years) I would have noticed. I love the grinding midfielders. But I don’t think he was that guy. He was pretty invisible during the game.

At any rate, the team isn’t looking so good. Trading Ronnie O’Brien has left a gaping hole in the team – one that they haven’t filled. And as long as the seats are all filled at BMO i’m not sure there’s that much incentive for the owners to spend the money to build a winner.