Okay. May 31, 2008 was going to be the day that David Beckham finally played in Toronto, against the FC.

For the record, he’s already played in Canada this year — his LA Galaxy losing to the Vancouver Whitecaps in Edmonton. That’s a USL soccer club beating Donovan and Beckham — something to think about before Toronto FC goes ahead and books those CONCACAF champion’s league tickets.

Speaking of CONCACAF – May 31 is now another big day for soccer in Canada. Or perhaps it’s a big day for soccer in Seattle as that’s where the Canadian Men’s National Team will be playing Brazil.

It’s going to be great to see how Julian DeGuzman, Dwayne DeRosario, and Atiba Hutchinson play against Brazil. Canada has a fantastic midfield right now — i’m really looking forward to how they perform against a big squad like Brazil. Okay, i’ve mentioned Brazil enough. Back to Beckham.

Word is he may not be playing in Toronto. Okay fine, this on again, off again thing he has with the English national team and his injuries is getting to be just drama. He never was going to make the Galaxy an amazing team all on his own. Is it because the Galaxy are so terrible on the field even with Beckham in the lineup that the focus of the season is not, how is Beckham and the Galaxy going to hurt us on the field, but rather if the guy will ever show up to play.

We assume he’s going to come back for the MLS All-Star game — but can we really count on that? After all, shouldn’t you at least play a couple of games in a league before being added to the All-Star team?