CBC is doing one of those “Hockey Day in Canada” things for soccer on May 31 – this Saturday.

They’re likely going to show a bunch of players from Lethbridge or something, then cut to the TFC game against the LA Galaxy.

While I applaud the CBC for covering soccer — for example, they showed last night’s TFC vs Impact game at midnight — they’re still only getting it half right.

Why aren’t we showing the CAnada vs. Brazil match on the CBC?

It’s the Canadian National Team. We’ve got a great team. They’re exciting. They play attacking soccer. And they’re playing BRAZIL.

I mean, what does the National team need to do to get exposure? To get shown on soccer day in Canada.

Instead, they’ve probably banked on Beckham playing against the TFC. But you know what? Beckham won’t even be in the Galaxy lineup because he’s away playing a bunch of Friendlies for England. England, a team that isn’t even in the European Cup.

He wants to play for his country over his club. As does many of the Canadian players.

I’m not sure where they’re showing the Canada Brazil game, but i want to see it. There’s no mention of if they’re playing it on the score, sportset, TSN, or wherever. I suppose what i’ll end up doing is head up to College street somewhere and watch it from a Brazilian feed.

Soccer day in Canada indeed.