The men’s national team.

Today they lost 2-1 in Montreal to Honduras. This loss makes making the world cup in 2010 really really difficult. We’re not dead.

Dale Mitchell. What are you doing?

First off – why didn’t you start Jim Brennan? WHy? Why why?
Klukowski? No – you should have gone with Brennan.

For TFC it’s a tale of two bad things.

A) Amado Guevara helps Honduras beat Canada. It’s bad for TFC. Bad for Canada.

B) Jim Brennan sits on the Canadian bench until the 86th minute or so. He also missed playing for TFC — and missed most of the Canada match.

I was crazy mad at the officials.

How is it you let the Hondurans spend most of the second half faking injuries on the pitch – then only add 4 minutes of injury time.

Then — in injury time — let another Honduran fake an injury for over a minute (so much that a stretcher is brought onto the field and he’s carried off) and then end the game 17 seconds after four minutes.

It took a helluva lot longer than 17 seconds to get that guy off the field for his fake injury.

Thus – a guy – in injury time – faked an injury and ensured that the clock would run out and Canada would run out of time to tie this thing. Oh it was horrible.

It was another example of CONCACAF refs making terrible decisions.

Canada should be used to it by  now.

For getting goals called back in the Gold Cup, to routinely getting killed by CONCACAF refs, it’s not surprising.

It still hurts, but it’s not surprising.

I was just dying watching this team. And then my friend Brian gave me perspective.

You have to play above it.

You KNOW you’re gonna get a crap CONCACAF ref when you play CONCACAF games.

You KNOW the Hondurans are going to waste time when they’re ahead, fake injuries. (thanks again Amado Guevera for getting Patrice Bernier kicked out of the game)

You KNOW they’re going to HACK DOWN TO THE GROUND every chance they get when Julian DeGuzman has hte ball.

It made me sick to hear Craig Forrest saying that DeGuzman was having a rough game – you would be too if every time you touched the ball some guy took your legs out from under you.

Kudos to De Guzman for getting up and continuing to play. He didn’t pull a Guevara and fake out and injury.

It was rough to watch this game.

For Canada to make it, they’re going to have to play above all of this. They got screwed by the ref AT HOME in MONTREAL. It’s only going to get worse on the road. And there’s no time to waste — they’re in Mexico on Wednesday.