Left Riviere du Loup this morning, drove down through Cabano to New Brunswick.

New Brunswick must be doing well.

Just by evidence by the new roads that join Quebec and through the province. There were times it didn’t even show up on our GPS (albeit our GPS hasn’t been updated in a few years) — so the GPS thought we were offroading it.

We stopped in Fredericton for lunch. A nice lady at the Swiss Chalet told us how to get down to the legislature building. (Just have to see the legislature of a provincial capital.)

The NB legislature is small. It looks like they’re building a parking garage beside it, but it could just be an office buidling.

And, in the spirit of rebuilding/remodellling that we had seen on the roads — they were also working on the legislature building. There was scaffolding in front of it.

In fact, unless you walked up to the building and read what it was, there was no real indication that is was the seat of the governement. There were no statues outside it, and no-one was waving placards complaining/protesting. In all, Fredericton looked to be a pretty peaceful and calm town.

Not having done any research before writing this, I was drawn to the 1950s architecture of the Beaverbrook art gallery across the road from the legislature (not that L word again!). It totally cut off the view of the water. (so you wouldn’t be able to see the L building from the water — but you would be able to see the back of the Beaverbrook gallery.

We drove on.

The Confederation Bridge was impressive.

I’m not sure what the longest bridge in the world is (i sense a googling coming up) — but this bridge was very very long.

Arriving in PEI, right off the bridge, there is a whole bunch of shops. It feels really cookie cuttery.

We pushed on to Charlottetown — thankfully the PEI capital didn’t feel cookie cuttery at all.

We’re staying in an amazing B&B — it’s in its first year of operation and it’s in a great location. I will write more, but travelling companion is ready for sleep. (I see she’s reading the selected Journals of LM Montgomery, yes the author of Anne of Green Gables right now.)