Was thinking of documenting my road trip out East.

Though yesterday at Riviere du Loup I couldn’t access my log in information for wordpress.

So, a day late, here’s the day one recap.

Toronto was busy.

Thankfully Oshawa through Kingston wasn’t.

Montreal, however, was a bit of a nightmare.

I think they don’t have the infrastructure for the amount of traffic they have going through. Especially through the 40.

We shot down through Pont Champlain, and took the 20.

It was neat to see the Expo site and the Olympic site.

My travelling companion described them as dinosaur bones. Which i think is a great way to describe the way those sites are. They’re being reused (Expo as a casino/racetrack/amusement park) and Olympic park (Velodrome is now the biodome) — but it’s interesting to see the remnants of some former glory/big event. And in the case of the geodesic dome that was, I believe the US pavilion, it really is like looking at bones — as it’s just the physical structure of the dome without any covering.

At any rate, was great to smell the St. Lawrence river at Riv du Loup, as well as seeing the hydroelectric chutes.

I’m wondering if the Hydro was the reason Riv du Loup grew a little bigger than the towns around it, or was it later that it grew larger when it became the point where you turn to drive down to New Brunswick.

Okay that was yesterday. Today in a second.