So we’re in PEI.

And 1. aside from eating ice cream from a COWS location (check – travelling companion did that last night), 2. eating lobster (thankfully, as I don’t like seafood,  travelling companion took care of that one too at the wonderful Water Prince Corner Shop also last night.) the 3. thing we needed to take care of was seeing the Lucy Maud Montgomery world of Cavendish and New London.

I tells ya – there are a lot of people who go to see LMM and Anne of Green Gables stuff.

Today we took in, ummm I think six separate Anne/LMM related buildings.

As I don’t know the stories, it was a learning experience for me.

TC, on the other hand, has not only read some novels by LMM but has also read “The Selected Journals of Lucy Maud Montgomery.” Today I saw there are indeed a number of journals published. I asked TC if she needed any of them, but no, she already has them all.

So I was lucky to have someone with me who actually knows a lot about LMM and her life.

Our first stop was the house she was born in. It was very very small. LMM lost her mother when she was young, and her father remarried and she went and lived with her maternal grandparents.

The second house was a farm called Park Corner where she would stay with her cousins. LMM also got married in that building.

The third house was just down the road, and was the home of her paternal grandparents. It’s still owned by the Montgomery family. We were given a tour by one of the Montgomery’s. He told us that LMM’s grandfather was a Senator for PEI – Donald Montgomery. She travels by rail with her grandfather, and they rode with Prime Minister John A. Macdonald.

The next house we toured was the Parks Canada (ou Parcs Canada) Green Gables. Well, first we went through a building that had a movie about LMM.

We took a walk through the “haunted wood” to the site of LMM’s maternal grandparent’s home. The one where she wrote many of her novels. All that remained of the house is the foundation. It was a very tranquil place. They had planted a garden. There were many old trees around the foundation, and the wind coming off the fields made the place feel very restful and soothing.

We walked through the woods to where they have recreated the post office that LMM’s family ran. She worked in the post office for a time (where she sent out her submissions in the hopes of getting published. I think it read that Anne of Green Gables was rejected by 5 different publishers before being accepted.)

TC and I sent out some postcards, as it’s a working post office.

The last building of the day was the actual house that inspired her vision for the Green Gables house. As we walked through it (in the Parks Canada area) it was so packed with people you just felt like it was Anne of Green Gables version of “it’s a small world”. People just rushing though a house — and leaving it quickly. As evident by the slamming of the back door every few seconds as another person exited. Often with their ice cream covered hands.

(Please pardon the puns that are about to be dropped in this sentence) Seeing the Anne(archy) bedlam at the Green Gables site was in complete contrast with the tr(anne)quility restfulness of the site where she wrote her novels.

On the way back to Charlottetown we stopped at a fishing village. We actually parked on what what could be a beach during low tide, and shallow water during high tide. The tides were coming in and we continued to an actual beach. Brackley Beach.(TC says the girls she met the first night pronounced it “Brock -lee”) I tells ya, PEI looks like they do beaches right. They’ve got change stations, places you can wash your feet after a day on the sand, and I think I saw another ice cream place.

Ice cream is everywhere here. Or at least it seems to be everywhere. And every COWS location is packed.

Before arriving in PEI, TC and I made a pact that we wouldn’t get COWS t-shirts. We walked into the store the other day (to surreptitiously make fun of the “MOO TUBE” t-shirt we saw in the window. And then we were looking around — and we saw a Sidney Cowsby t-shirt. TC is an avid Sid the Kid fan.

We were going to make an exception to our agreement of NO COWS SHIRTS (she could only wear it to 1. sleep in or 2. wear around the house). Luckily they didn’t have them in adult.

They did, however, have a couple of other “Hockey” related shirts. ON the front it says COWS. And on the back it has players: Cowsby, Moovechkin, Mooginla, and Kowssell.

Big points if you can name all four. Leaf fans have an unfair advantage with the last guy.

On the way back to town we stopped for a za at Pizza Delight. They used to have them in more places in Ontario (when we had hot lunch days at school it would be Pizza Delight.) but then PD disappeared. Though you can still find it in Penetanguishene of all places.

So we had some Pizza Delight. It was nice because it took me back to having PD in Penetang in the summer time.

Now we’re relaxing at the best part of Charlottetown – our B&B.

Number One Grafton Street has been amazing.

Breakfast every day has been just, out of this world. TC describes the decor as modern classic. It’s fantastic.

Tomorrow is our last full day in PEI,  we plan to explore the Lieutenant-Governor’s residence and the Government House, as well as some more of Charlottetown.