We woke up in Moncton. It was very foggy.

Drove up through New Brunswick. NB is very nice to look at. And, once again, really enjoyed the highways.

But, once again, I saw a NB driver littering from their vehicle as we drove! (I saw this on the way through the province.) Such a clean province – and someone littering from their car.

We stopped for lunch in Edmundston. We actually ate at a gazebo in the University of Moncton Edmundston campus.

I saw a building, a residence”Louis Cyr” and I thought it was for the famous French-Canadian strongman. But no, I just googled it and it turns out that this Louis Cyr is named for a musicologist.

Speaking of music, it was great to have the CBC going as we drove up through NB. CBC’s Jono was guest hosting today on Q and interviewed the guy who wrote “Sugar Sugar”, Andy Kim.

Also listened to my first ever episode of Afghanada. It’s a CBC radio-play. The plot was a little predictable today, but it was well acted out. Here’s the swear word they use in place of, well, you know: “Frig.” This episode even had a ball-hockey game in it.

Good work out there Lt. Petrovsky.