We had a pleasant dinner on the night of the 14th (in trip calendar terms) at Aux Anciens Canadiens. I had a huge meal of Quebecois Stew. The serve a lot of traditional French dishes (think wild game meats). I didn’t feel like eating from the forest – so my stew came with beef, pork, and an entire garden’s worth of vegetables.

We woke up and went for a great brunch on Petit Champlain at Le Lapin Sauté. They serve a lot of rabbit. Again, not feeling like eating from the forest (or a pet store) I went with a burger. The location was perfect – we were covered by trees and essentially in a garden — while getting to people watch as we had our lunch.

Right after lunch we went up to Upper Town and toured the remains of Fort Saint-Louis. It is the remains of the Governor’s residence (and forts) and its right beside the Chateau Frontenac hotel. On all my previous visits to Quebec City the area was covered by the wood walkway of the Dufferin Terrace. But, in celebration of the 400th anniversary of Quebec, archaeologists unearthed the buried ruins from underneath the boardwalk.

They also found remains of the fort that Samuel de Champlain made in the 1620s. (Quebec was founded in 1608 – by 1620 Champlain moved to the top of the hill and lived in Fort Saint-Louis.)

The Parcs Canada employee was telling us that they couldn’t dig down further to see the remants of the Champlain era (the earliest era) because the subsequent governor’s had built on top of the remnants of Champlain’s site. Therefore, most of the ruins we were looking at were from the early 1700s.

Which placed them at the same time as the ruins we looked at at Louisbourg.

The ruins in Quebec City were in much better condition than the ones we looked at in Louisbourg. Showing again how damaging the environment was on the Louisbourg site.

You can see Fort Saint-Louis here.

In the afternoon Travelling Companion and I went on a walk up to the walls, to the Plains of Abraham, and back down the Promenade des Gouverneurs — which gives you a spectacular view of the river.

We had a nice dinner at the Portofino. The service and food were good. And walked around Cote de la Fabrique. I think the combination of sun and the walking knocked me out — as I was ready for an early night’s sleep.

Today we begin our journey home.