Yesterday we left Quebec City in the morning.

It’s a great drive along Boulevard Champlain to the bridge. You go right beside the river. Looking at some of the houses along the way, I wondered how often rocks fall off of Cap Diamont.

On the drive towards Montreal we stopped in the suburb of Boucherville. I picked up some music and subjected Travelling Companion to some francophone rock: Jean LeLoup, Les Colocs, and Les Trois Accords. I also picked up a two-disk Smiths compilation.

We stopped for a late lunch/early dinner in Cornwall. In a nod to our first night of the trip, (and perhaps because we were just in Quebec), we went to St. Hubert. I’m happy to report you get tw0 dipping sauces with a half-chicken at St. Hube.

Day 17 (today) will be spent doing laundry and eating home cooked food.