Total number of days travelled: 16

Total provinces visited: 5 (Ont, Que, PEI, NS, NB)

Vehicle: 2011 Chev Impala

The car says averaged 8.5L/100 km. (That could be the average of the entire life of the car.)

Total distance travelled on trip: 5261 km.

Top 3 favourite hotels:

1. Number One Grafton Street, Charlottetown PEI: The perfect stay. Great breakfasts, great decor, great location, and great hosts. Drawbacks? That the Grafton experience isn’t available in every city you stay in.

2. Chocolate Lake Best Western, Halifax, NS: Relaxing. Right on a lake. Inviting. Unpretentious. Drawbacks? Just that it’s not downtown. But then again, it’s great because it isn’t. The roundabout to get there is rather tricky too (but that’s not the hotel’s fault.)

3. Hotel 71. Quebec City: Amazing shower. Modern decor in old Quebec. New (so it’s not musty like some other old town hotels.) Drawbacks? Windows don”t open to let in the outside air.

Top 3 favourite dinners:

1. Gahan House, Charlottetown PEI.

2. Il Mercato, Halifax NS.

3. Portofino, Quebec QC.

Honorable mention to the Keg in Moncton. You can count on the Keg to get your steak right. And an honourable appetizer mention to the house dressing at Grubstake restaurant in Louisbourg, NS. And a location honourable mention to the Sou’Wester at Peggy’s Cove.

Top 3 favourite lunches:

1. Fortress of Louisbourg: lunches on both days. 18th Century Yum.

2.  Leonhard’s, Charlottetown PEI. Yummy. Quaint.

3. Le Lapin Saute, Quebec PQ. Not for the food, but for its location, which was great.

Honourable mention goes to the picnic lunch in the park in Edmundston NB, and the double dipping-sauce of the St. Hubert in Cornwall.

Best breakfasts:

1., 2., and 3.:  Number One Grafton Street. We stayed 4 days so they’ve earned all three, and even the 4th spot. And if you count the treats that the hosts’ sent us away with, well, that might even qualify for number 5.

Worst shirtless guy: The guy  in a Cape Breton convenience store who was wearing pyjama bottoms with a questionable elastic waistband, checking his lottery tickets really early in the morning.

Best customer service at a store: The clerk in Boucherville who let me know I was entitled to a free cd.

Best $2 we spent on the trip: The “Men’s Grab Bag” I bought at Peggy’s Harbour. It contained a random sea-scene coffee mug, a seagull keychain, a robin/cardinal made of wood, a sandstone beaver that was carved in China, a “Canada” travel alarm clock (“battery not included”), and a “Dartmouth Nova Scotia” ash tray with pictures of seagulls on it.

Best t-shirt we bought: The bird shirts from PEI artist Luke Leunes.

Best t-shirt we didn’t buy: The one with the beaver that said “Dam it”.

A t-shirt that it’s best we didn’t buy: Any of the COWS stuff.

And speaking of, the worst smells of the trip:

2. (the runner-up) One of the Lucy Maud Montgomery museums we visited on PEI (it was really musty, dusty, and stinky).

1. (the worst) Any COWS ice-cream location. Headache inducing sweet stink.

Quick note: Travelling Companion thought the Theme Lounge at Louisbourg was dusty. I didn’t dislike it’s smell as it didnt’ stink, it just smelled cottagy which I think added to its charm.

Number of LottoMax tickets we purchased while on vacation, in the hopes of winning and staying on vacation indefinitely: 2

Number of times we won the LottoMax: 0

Number of people who just finished their road trip but are looking forward to their next Canadian vacation adventure: 2